My first experience into Muay Thai, commonly known in English as Thai Boxing, was in 1995 after a trip to Thailand. When I got back to Geneva, I couldnít find a club which instructed this sport in a traditional way, so I decided to explore other combat systems, such as Karate, Yosekan Budo, Nambudo and Chinese boxing. Despite all the interest and pleasure I had discovering these martial arts, my mind was still set over Muay Thai. In the year 2000, one of my friends, who was also into Thai Boxing, decided to open a club in Geneva, which I joined immediately. Itís been 10 years now that Iím into Thai Boxing and after six years, I experienced my first fight. Since my first trip to Thailand, I have been addicted to this country, which I travel to twice a year. With my numerous trips and being married to a Thai woman, I have learned allot on their culture, their people, the country etc. While being there, I always take the opportunity to perfect my skills and test different boot camps. All my experiences and interest devoted to this sport is shared on a forum which I created a couple of years ago. Iím 36 years old now, and knowing that itís probably a little too late to consider becoming a Thai boxing champí, and to be honest, that never was really a goal in itself, the best compromise to share my passion, by continuing to practice, was to open a boot camp myself! So I decided to do so in Thailand, a country where I will surely immigrate for good in a near future. My goal with this camp is to provide a quality of training identical to the Thai Nakmuay, where both beginners and professionals can acquire high standard of training.

                                                                                                                                                                              I thank you for your interest to our gym and hope to see you soon!